Renville-Sibley Cooperative Power Association

The Shared Vision

Danube, MN

Renville-Sibley Cooperative Power Association is an electric cooperative located in Danube, MN.  This member owned cooperative serves 1,900 electric accounts in Renville County and portions of Sibley, Chippewa, Kandiyohi, Redwood and Nicollet counties.

The previous facility served the cooperative well for many decades. As time has gone on, data and communications have changed and physical needs have evolved.  Additional rigs have been added to the fleet, vehicles have become larger, and the need for a certain amount of on-site material storage has increased.  A second location for a pole yard, material supplies and extra vehicles was added over a half a mile away from the business office and the cooperative continued to serve its members. Over time, the board members realized that the buildings and their multiple locations were no longer serving the members properly.

Renville-Sibley Cooperative Power Association Exterior
Renville-Sibley Cooperative Power Association Warehouse/Garage

Innovative Design

Initially, the building was designed as a pre-engineered steel building with a concrete storm shelter at its core. The project occurred at a time when steel and other material prices saw historic escalation.  The board reevaluated the return on investment of the steel building versus a precast concrete option. For their business model, the added value was seen and the design changed course to precast architectural concrete.

The new facility creates efficiencies for staff by co-locating the 8,002 s.f. office with the 23,357 s.f. warehouse/garage.  Material storage and vehicle flow are critical aspects of both the site and the building planning. Flexibility and future expansion are a part of all decisions-including future electric vehicles.

The approach to all decision making in this project kept the members first. What was right for the member was right for the project. People are at the core of RSCPA business. In simple terms, these are the people who keep the lights on, now and in the future. Staff are now in a comfortable work setting with improved work flow, safety and security. They are a part of the community they serve and are in service to their membership

Renville-Sibley Cooperative Power Association lobby


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