Why Choose Engan?

Design. Planning. Project management. Leadership. Research. Communication. Engagement.

In 40+ years of practice we’ve built a unique team, purposefully comprised of people with a diverse range of skills, perspectives and strengths. This is the value we offer you and all our clients.

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Leadership, Teamwork, Communication

We all come together to serve the full range of clients’ needs. Our offices are designed as a studio space, promoting frequent communication and creative teamwork. Direct Principal involvement in every project means supervision straight from the top of the company. Verbal or written communication with Owners, Consultants and Contractors is top priority and handled with care. This system effectively monitors design task progress, providing the highest quality service.

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Expertise, Passion

Some of our team members are experts at project management—ensuring big picture project goals are accomplished within budget and schedule expectations. Others thrive on the art of design and graphics. Still others love digging into the details of a project, researching the technical elements of how a building needs to be put together. And several members of the team are veterans at project communication—whether in small-group conversations or larger community engagement processes.


This is the value you get when you hire Engan Associates.

Many people perceive that “architects make blueprints.” In other words, that the work of an architect is to draw building plans. While this is one of many outcomes of project work, it is the months (and sometimes longer) of conversation, research, planning, and consensus-building where architects provide true value to project owners.

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Guided by our training, vision and skill, your investment
today will return value to you for many years to come.

Bring Your Vision To Life

Together, we'll bring your vision to life to create a project you're proud of for decades to come.

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