First Care Health Center

The Shared Vision

Park River, ND

Engan Associates has completed multiple projects for First Care Health Center. In the first, we were charged to transform a dated three-level facility into a unified, patient-centered medical center. Then in the most recent project, facility leadership wanted to optimize efficiency through finding new homes for outpatient care and pharmacy services. Both projects began with Predesign and were delivered through a phased construction process.

First Care Health Center OB room
First Care Health Center exam room
First Care Health Center

Innovative Design

The first renovation project transformed the hospital into a one-story, user-friendly, patient-centered medical center with support services on upper and lower levels. Re-grading of the site created an accessible, centrally located entrance for the main level, originally a half story above ground level.

Particular attention was paid to town history and sentiment. The design received enthusiastic community support. Realization of the project required the hard work and cooperation of the community, hospital board, employees, administration, medical staff, USDA, contractors, consultants and architects.

The most recent project created a new home for outpatient care through an addition and renovation of underutilized space in the facility. Outpatient care and pharmacy services were co-located to ensure optimal staff utilization.

This project was also well-received and has contributed to increased patient satisfaction, staff efficiency, and healthcare outcomes.

Louise Dryburgh

CEO (retired) – First Care Health Center

The first word they say is ‘wow’, and the second word they say is ‘wow.’
(Commenting on community reaction to the project)

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