Hunan Lion

The Shared Vision

Marshall, MN

Adapt a historic bank building to become the new home for a 20-year-old Asian restaurant, incorporating numerous artifacts already purchased by the Owner. Further, the commercial kitchen should be designed to run efficiently with varying numbers of staff.

Hunan Lion
Engan Associates lobby

Innovative Design

Key historic features of this building were restored and incorporated into a space that showcased beautiful sculptures and paintings the Owner had brought back from Asia. These historic features included a grand fireplace, tall street-side windows, and high ceilings supported by decorative columns. The commercial kitchen was designed to be run by either one or several staff. Finally, an ADA-compliant public entrance was added by replacing inside steps with small ramps.

Richard Engan


The best way to preserve a historic building is to make it work so it makes good business sense to maintain, in order to provide enduring benefits to its users.


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