Comfrey Municipal Building

The Shared Vision

Comfrey, MN

The community of Comfrey lost all of its community services structures as a result of a 1998 tornado. The need to restore them rapidly, as well as the unique opportunity to start from scratch, drove this project.

Comfrey Municipal Building Exterior
Comfrey Municipal Building Exterior

Innovative Design

A multi-use building at the town center was the most usable and aesthetically pleasing solution. The city hall, post office, community center, fire hall and first responders were all housed in one facility with a scale and rhythmic brick facade reminiscent of the traditional downtown. The corner of Brown and Court Streets, where the center of town once was, was developed into a mini town square.

Linda Wallin

Former Mayor - City of Comfrey

You were appreciated more than words can express back in 1988-1999 in the City of Comfrey. You dealt with us through frustrations and difficult times and kept us on top of things and headed us in a forward direction.


Bring Your Vision To Life

Together, we'll bring your vision to life to create a project you're proud of for decades to come.

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