Willmar Civic Center Blue Line Hockey Arena

Willmar, MN

Project Description

The Shared Vision: The Willmar Civic Center and the Blue Line Club Hockey Arena were two separate buildings side-by-side. This project combines the two with a central public entrance, display and concessions area, and some new and some rearranged locker rooms.

The Innovative Design: The City of Willmar hosts about 25,000 people for the Sonshine Festival in the latter part of July each year. This is a music festival which takes place on the grounds of the Civic Center and Senior High School. All restroom facilities in these buildings are needed. The new construction was required to be complete for the fall season October 1. To accomplish this construction had to be started before the Sonshine Festival and the construction site kept safe and secure during the festival. Special access drawings were developed along with signage. This system was revised and approved by the Fire Marshall and building inspector. Construction was put on hold for the week of the festival.

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