University of Minnesota, Morris – Information Center

The Shared Vision

Morris, MN

Enhance visitors’ arrival to the University of Minnesota - Morris through a remodeled welcome center.

Information Center, University of MN
Information Center, University of MN-Morris Coffee Bar

Innovative Design

The Information Center was remodeled to emphasize a sense of welcome through hospitality and modern finishes. The coffee bar Higbies was added, providing gourmet coffee, fresh food options, and enhanced grab-and-go items. Finishes were respectful of existing areas, while also taking the Information Center in a complimentary, new direction.

According to management, Higbies and the new Information Center are a big hit. Both customer count and retail sales have increased significantly.

Robert Thompson

University of Minnesota - Morris

From beginning to end of each project, Engan Associates gives complete attention to detail and budget. I especially appreciate their willingness to meet and discuss details and conditions that arise during design and construction. They are very approachable and responsive when situations need attention. I fully intend to continue working with them on future projects.


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