Clara City Care Center

The Shared Vision

Clara City, MN

Clara City Care Center, along with the City of Clara City, is looking to strengthen the continuity of health care services in their region.

Clara City Care Center Project
Tub Room - Clara City Care Center

Innovative Design

The current 34,014 square foot structure was constructed through 6 major building projects and numerous minor revisions over the last forty seven years. Current patient areas were built to different standards and expectations. Nearly every resident space was built to minimum requirements — including double rooms, minimal HVAC, and low structural bearing heights. There is a concept in place to repurpose existing rooms and create more single occupant spaces to meet the growing demand.

Rehabilitation is a key concept to the continued existence of Clara City Care Center. This therapy addition and new entrance is a first step toward providing care close to home and keeping bed numbers viable. This phase includes the relocation of the existing Rehabilitation Services area. This move provides the opportunity for the clinic addition and relocation of Clara City Clinic to updated facilities. By co-locating the skilled care facility, rehabilitative services and clinic functions on one site, we create a ‘one stop shop’ for health care services in the community of Clara City.

Clara City Care Center - Training Room

While future plans include an entire wing of rehabilitation rooms, Clara City is taking cautious steps toward the future. Over 1,500 square feet of major renovation work is planned in the existing structure. This project includes two new rehabilitation rooms in the renovated areas. A newly updated central tub room and separate activity area will be located in the vacated physical therapy space in the heart of the building. A new lift system for the laundry department will be installed to protect and assist staff as they provide indirect care for the residents. Thoughtful exploration of mechanical and electrical systems has considered the future work in an effort to alleviate redundant future work.


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