Project Design

At this stage, we have completed the Predesign and share a vision for your project. Now the team expands to include engineers and consultants needed to meet your specific needs. They will be brought up to speed so that they also understand and share the project vision. At this stage of your project our ability to listen, communicate and bring ideas to the table is key. In the design phase we will use the information gathered to bring efficiency, environmental responsibility and creativity to your project.

Turtle Mountain Cafeteria

During this phase we will do some or all of these things

  • Create a schematic design
  • Establish an image for the building
  • Resolve function needs
  • Consider sustainability
  • Consider the effect on the site
  • Consider the effect on the community
  • Establish electrical and mechanical systems
  • Designate furniture and equipment
  • Ensure compliance with building code
  • Consider land use
  • Generate construction documents, plans, and specifications
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