Ongoing Support

Our goal is happy clients.  We want you to be enthusiastic about your new facility and about how it was achieved.  During this phase, Engan Associates carefully monitors the success of each project.

We will do one or all of the following:

  1. Request input from our client on the success of the project
  2. Conduct any meetings required to resolve incomplete tasks
  3. Conduct any meetings required to resolve warranty issues
  4. Issue a certificate for final payment

In 40+ years Engan Associates has served over 700 clients with thousands of projects to serve a wide range of communities’ needs. 500 of these projects have been for 50 of our core clients—demonstrating both our depth of experience and degree of client loyalty. Typically, once a client works with us, they are so satisfied they return many times to work on further projects.

Our process of “Shared Vision, Innovative Design” is what drives this success.

The Grand Table Talk
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