The Sands of Time











Just about everything we create, personally or professionally, will fall victim to the sands of time.

This bathroom was original to the client’s home, complete with bidet and custom sunken tub.  It was looking old and the owner was trying to decide how to give the space new life.  Was it time to rip out the tub and come up with something else or were there other ways to address the space?

Sometimes just changing the finishes in the space can be enough.

Larger scale porcelain tile was used on the walls and floor to give the space a new feel.  Instead of stopping the tile at three feet, the larger lighter tile extends to the ceiling, visually opening the space up. The full design concept is to eventually insert a stained glass window in the opening above the bathing area that will complete the extension of the bamboo shoots from the tile into the sky.

Mosaic tile was still the best solution for the complex custom curves in the bathing area.  A true craftsman was employed to complete the installation.  Glass mosaic tile was chosen with rich iridescent brown tones that would complement the larger porcelain tile in the space.

The owner replaced the toilet and the shower/bath faucet and was pleased by the transition of the space.